Do your bit for your own good

Everyone (and I mean everyone) can make a difference to the world. Difference does have to be expensive (in temporal or financial terms) or showy. Improvements not have to be complicated. Just a shift in the attitude of good people to “I am going to help where I can” is all that is needed. Most of the time, environmentally sensitive decisions are good for our pockets, because frequently (although probably not sufficiently), the value of things is reflected in money.

There are some very easy ways to reduce your footprint, for the benefit of all:

  • Take a walk or cycle instead of driving – cost effective exercise
  • Turn things off at the wall when not in use – save on your electricity bill
  • Reuse “grey water” (e.g., water your plants with old bathwater) -save on water bills
  • Cut down on meat consumption – vegetarian is often healthier and cheaper
  • Reduce reuse recycle – no one likes having to clean out their house of all the acquired junk!

My view on the subjects described in the article below have often got me labelled eccentric. That I may be, but the combined importance of the issue, the ease with which every person on the planet can do their bit and the benefit to everyone and everything makes it significant and topic-worthy.

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