About the Author

I am an ecologist, conservationist and science communicator, currently working towards a Ph.D. at Monash University. I specialise in the interpretation of conservation, biogeography, biodiversity and natural history research for the general audience.

I started life in the UK, where I completed a B.Sc. (Hons) Natural Sciences: Biology and Environmental Science at Lancaster University before leaving for various field assistant positions around the world.

I received a Master of Science degree from Towson University in 2009 after studying the spatial ecology of stream salamanders with Don Forester. I also gained valuable teaching experience at Towson, assisting with Ecology, Evolution and Herpetology classes.

My love of Australian tree frogs has brought me to Monash University, where I am studying the ecology of Litoria for my Ph.D, supervised by Dave Chapple and Richard Reina. In my spare time I seek to bridge the gaps between published scientific research and the community by writing short articles on blogs and in popular science publications to help connect people with natural areas and promote conservation and respect for wildlife.

Please check out my website, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, see my ResearchGate profile, Google Scholar profile, Linkedin profile or contact me at Lynette.Plenderleith@gmail.com.

Waterfall in a glacial valley, Franz Josef, New Zealand


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