British Badger Cull, the proponent

Kudos to the author of the linked article. Ms. Wollaston has presumably voiced the thoughts of her constituents clearly and unreservedly.

Of course, she spectacularly misses the point several times but provides an example of the anti-badger sentiment that led to the cull in the first place. British wildlife must bear nearly no resemblance to it’s “natural” state. I would suggest that the native animals need all the help they can get and that we take a long hard look at our methods of producing food.

Interesting that Ms. Wollaston should consider this article necessary given that the politicians of her kind have “won”. The cull has had the go ahead. At the end of the article she makes reference to the need for a fair price for milk. I find it hard to see how she makes the connection between the two subjects. My only suggestion is that Ms. Wollaston recognises that the dairy industry is in trouble for more reasons that bovine TB.

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